Having Up-To-Date records of your network infrastructure is one of the biggest requirements for IT departments, large and small, to stay on top of network capacity, throughput, bandwidth and growth potential. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is with accurate “Asbuilts” provided after each project. These Asbuilts should not only show you the pathways and outlet locations, but also any firewalls penetrations, types of outlets, Labeling Scheme, Closet or Rack location, and any other important information.
Our staff will generate a complete "As-Built" print for your records on all projects we complete. We will also keep a copy of these prints for future expansions, Changes or troubleshooting. This saves you money by making all future work easier to locate or design. We can also take an existing "Floor-Plan" print that you may have, and regenerate all current communications to that print.
If you’re planning on taking over an existing location that already has infrastructure cabling, CCSG can come in and provide you with a complete “Asbuilt” of the location for your own use. We will even provide you with a FREE quote to repair or complete any additional needed work to make your location ready for Move In!
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