Audio Services
In today’s industry, Audio connections tend to be the last area of consideration when designing a new facility, remodeling or expending an existing facility. When actually, it’s needs are just as important as the Voice and Data connections.
When thinking of Audio connections, many people focus on just one aspect, "Speakers". Some might think of "Surround-Sound", but most forget about the Paging system, Background music, "Music On-Hold", Conference rooms, Meeting halls and/or Sound Masking. These are all areas that need attention and solutions while other infrastructure installations are taking place.
Many of the current audio systems on the market today can operate or be connected to many other devices in your infrastructure system. They also are able to operate using the same type of cables your voice and data connections are using. Installing these cables at the same time, will not only save you money, but will also improve your abilities, future growth and increase the value of your newly installed system.
The CCSG design team can help you determine all your audio needs. Many systems can be integrated to provide more that just one feature, making expenses lower for installation and equipment.

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