The CCSG Design team can help you determine difficult or troublesome pathways, Cable size/quantity/type, Com-room location, Suggested Equipment/Racks/Management/ and practically all elements required to build a fast, strong and stable network that will last in to the future.
Our experienced AutoCad® drafters can generate a complete "As-Built" print for your records. We also keep a copy of these prints for future expansions, Changes or troubleshooting. This saves you money by making all future work easier to locate or design. We can also take an existing "Floor-Plan" print that you may have, and regenerate all current communications to that print.
CCSG is here to relieve the stress of determining or troubleshooting the important elements of your network’s infrastructure. We can help answer all those detailed questions, and can design your network to meet all your requirements while maintaining or exceeding quality industry standards.
Taking over a new location? We offer a special rate on Testing, Toning, Identifying, Certification and "As-Built" prints. Call Now!

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