Locating Services
At some point, most everyone needs to locate or find out where a particular cable is located. This also includes determining where a particular cable may run to or from! Without the proper equipment or Know-How, this task can be very cumbersome, if not practically impossible!
When speaking of  Locating Services  most would think of OSP or outside cabling that runs under parking areas, sidewalks, driveways and roads, but in many cases can also include your internal cabling from closet to closet, or to the workstations or other devices.
Even if you are doing your own locates, if you are going to be digging, PLEASE call your local locating service to have all utilities located. This is usually a free service of the state you live in! Here in Florida it is: Sunshine811.Com or 1-800-638-4097
Regardless if you are needing to locate OSP cables or indoor cabling, CCSG’s trained staff can determine the correct equipment, process and procedure to locate your cables quickly and accurately.

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