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Sound masking, sometimes referred to as "White Noise" is a technology that has been around since the 1960’s. Previous systems have been developed by many universities and government agencies.
Sound masking is based on the phenomenon that when "Low Level Background Noise" is added to an environment, intruding speech and noises are less intelligible. The term "White Noise" is widely used when referring to speech privacy or sound masking systems, although these systems don’t actually use white noise.
By inducing, or filling an area with a Low-Level background noise, other sounds will becomes less noticeable and unintelligible. Some systems can be tuned to target certain sounds, such as human speech. This technology came out of the realization by scientists and engineers that "oral privacy" is actually a simple matter of making speech "unintelligible". So, if each of us can not understand what the other is saying, we have effectively established "Oral Privacy", even though we may still be able to see and, to some extent, hear each other.
Our systems are designed to mask the frequencies produced by oral conversations. Speech or Oral privacy is becoming the most critical area for security as identity theft and corporate embezzlements are on the rise. Not to mention company confidential information or medical information that is over heard by "Unwanted" ears!
Today’s employers need to take precautions and step up their oral privacy to help protect everyone in the company. Our systems can easily provide protection from casual office conversations by simply masking these common areas: The break room, water fountain area, hallways, outside conference rooms and offices. Mask the whole area to achieve total privacy protection.
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