Surveillance Services
Regardless of your business location, size or type, Video Surveillance is a must! Video Surveillance can be used for more than just a security measure. Video Surveillance can allow you to see your employees in action, allowing you to efficiently control Time Management of employees. Having a Video record of accidents or other LOSS related incidents can save you thousands. Also keep a close eye on Cash or Sale transactions to help prevent cash shortages and insure proper transactions procedures. And the list just goes on and on….
When thinking of Surveillance Services, one must really consider many different aspects before deciding on a system or cameras. In today’s market, there are 100’s of options, styles and types of systems to consider. Not to mention that each camera location should be carefully examined to determine the correct camera and lens for each location. When determining your camera locations, always conside the view, the lighting and the distance, as not all locations will be the same!
Depending on your Budget and Purpose, will help decide the Type of system you should consider. Analog starts out the bottom end for users and provides the least expensive solution. These systems can provide many of the same features as the higher end systems, but tend to only support resolutions up to 700 lines, which is just below HD quality. CVI and SDI systems still use the analog style cabling, but are able to provide higher resolutions reaching the HD range of 1080. IP systems provide the most options and features and can provide resolutions from 1 megapixel and higher! However, these systems require a strong and fast network to handle the bandwidth requirements for each camera.
Be aware, that in today’s market, you can find surveillance systems that are pre-packaged kits with everything you will need to get setup and started! These Kits can be found at most of your local department, home improvement or electronics stores. And in some cases, these inexpensive kits will work for some locations. However, as we mentioned above, there are so many different aspects to consider, these Kits cannot fit every application or work in every location. The moral here is: “There is not a One size fits ALL” when it comes to surveillance.
CCSG is here to help you with all these different aspects to consider. Our sales team can help you determine what type of system you will need, along with the correct camera to use in each location. Our survey crew will come to your location, walkout your location and help you determine the best system, locations, wiring techniques, camera selections and any other requirements needed to complete your surveillance project.

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