Video Services
The array of video services available today are very numerous. With the cost of newer technologies and equipment dropping, new and exciting products are becoming more affordable every day.
When considering Video connections for your workspace, there’s more choices than your typical Cable TV, Satellite, and security cameras. Although these are important areas of consideration, there is also Video Teleconferencing, Conference rooms, Customer Information Monitors, Product Informational Displays, and many other services and products available.
Our highly experienced Broadband technical team can design, build and install the latest video services and products available today. With over 20 years experience in coax distribution systems, CCSG can provide solutions for single TV receptions to fully dedicated head-end CATV systems servicing any number of customers or TV’s.
CCTV, or Closed Circuit TV systems are designed for security and surveillance purposes. These systems are critical for protecting and safeguarding valuable merchandise or information. Over 48% of robberies are solved with the use of surveillance systems. Many newer system allow for long period recording, "Off-Site" recording and/or internet access to view from a remote location.
CCSG, Inc. will provide help and can design and build a video system for your site that will meet your current and future needs. Most newer system can be incorporated with your network, allowing many other features.

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