Voice Services
When discussing Voice cabling, there are several elements that need to be determined. The first question will deal with the type of phone system being used or installed. This verifies the grade and size of cables needed to obtain the best performance. The second element will deal with compatibility and future growth.
With VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), most new installations will use at minimal, a Cat-5e cable. This completely reduces the expense by providing 1 cable to the workstation. Is other situations, a Cat-5e or even a Cat-6 cable will be ran along with an equivalent cable for the computer. This option provides the best compatibility and ability for future growth. Some older phone systems can operated entirely with a lower grade cable such as Cat-3. Also, every phone system is different, some require all 4 pairs, and many of the newer system operate on just 1 pair. This makes it possible to provide up to 4 independent voice connection with only 1 cable.
Over all, CCSG will help you determine the best practices, sizes and grades of cables needed, to provide you the quality and performance that meets your individual requirements and budget, while concentrating on your future growth expectations and necessities.

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